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Cooper, ASD, Age 10

I never really understood what music therapy was until the music therapist started coming to our house. Now we cannot wait every week until she comes! My son is nonverbal and he even asks for her by name on his communication device! He loves to play the different instruments and listen to her sing. It’s therapeutic in so many ways. It helps him focus, work on auditory processing, follow directions and sensory input. I cannot thank Unison Music enough for this opportunity to help expand my sons new love for music! 

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Sam, CP, Age 6

My grandson Sam, has cerebral palsy. I heard about music therapy at a workshop I attended.  Sam, has been having music therapy for several months now. His cognitive abilities have improved and it has helped him be comfortable with new people. Music therapy has given him an opportunity to develop skills that he can do. I recommend music therapy for any child.

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Julie, Age 7

My seven year old daughter with Down syndrome has enjoyed music therapy with Ms. Jackie so much. She gets to play many different types of rhythm and sound instruments, strum a guitar, and sing songs. Jackie enriches the time by using song visuals, toys, or stuffed animals that go with the songs. My daughter especially loves the fox! Jackie always has something fun planned and transitions often to new songs/activities so it is never boring. My daughter has improved in her confidence, transitions, vocabulary, and speech. We look forward to music therapy day because my daughter is so excited to go!

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