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South Eastern Idaho

We are currently serving Preston, Soda Springs, Paris, and the surrounding areas.

Recording Music

Individual Sessions

We are currently serving individual clients, both in person and via tele-health. Call us to schedule a free trial session today! 

*For individuals on the FDS or SDS waivers, must therapy can be covered.

Capoeira Music Instruments

Group Music Classes


Registration for all classes found here:

Infant & Caregiver: Connecting Through Music

Tuesdays @9-9:30

    This class is designed to teach caregivers to support their little one’s neural development and build connection using rhythm, melody, touch, and social play. The class is offered to one caregiver and their infant, up to 12 months old.  Basic infant massage techniques, bonding songs, play songs, touch and movement techniques supporting neural development and caregiver support will be taught to help you independently support and connect with your baby.


Toddler & Caregiver: Teach and Play Music

Tuesdays @10-10:30

    Kids learn best through play.  This class, offered to kids age 1&2 and one caregiver, is designed to support connection between child and caregiver, teach caregivers how to support speech development and basic language concepts. Musical, movement, and instrument play will be used encourage learning and growth.


Speech Development: Giving Voice

Wednesdays @9-9:30

    Music is a game-changer when working on developing speech.  This group is designed for kids two and older that are struggling to communicate.  Specific songs, rhythm, instruments and music activities will be used to support muscle development and elicit sound production while teaching caregivers the stages of language development and ways to support their child’s speech development. 

Musical Pre-K 

Mondays @9-10

    This class uses music to build Pre-K skills including sharing, turn-taking, colors, numbers, letters, and basic musical concepts.  


Managing Sensory Needs

Thursdays @9-10

    Does your child have boundless energy? Dislikes loud noises and certain textures? I want to help you get in-tune with your child’s sensory needs and help you develop techniques to support your child’s self-regulation. Each child will need to be accompanied by a caregiver while exploring a ball-pit, sensory swing, sensory toys, weighted blanket and other activities.  Each week we will provide different activities, have a lesson on interpreting and reinforcing behavior, and support self-regulation through teaching self-advocacy skills and creating a ‘sensory menu.’

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