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Pricing Guide

The cost for music therapy depends on a few different factors, but below is an outline to give you a good idea of what the investment will look like for you.


We outline here the costs for both businesses as well as private clients seeking music therapy. If you have specific questions about your unique situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at or call Corinne at (208)409-9911.

Factors affecting the cost of private music therapy include:


#1 Session Length

Simply put, the longer the session, the more it will cost. However, the longer the session, the more value you get for your investment in a per dollar amount.


#2 Commute and Travel Time

If the music therapist needs to travel more than 30 miles, additional fees for commute may be applied.


#3 Number of Sessions

If we have multiple sessions in one facility or within close proximity, we can work out a reduced price per session.


The following prices are intended to be a starting point and are subject to change based on the criteria listed above or the unique situation of the client/business.

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